Come on arrival

llegada arribada la pedals de clip
llegada arribada la pedals de clip

Come to the arrival, come to receive the cyclists with your classic bicycle, with family or friends and if you want to dress in retro clothes.
If you can not or do not want to participate in the route, you have the option to go up to the Castle of Sant Martí from 11 in the morning and participate with your presence in the classic event. Between all we will give a more vintage air to the test.
After that time, the cyclists will arrive on the short route and later on the long route.
Give them encouragement and support in the last kilometer of the climb.
Upon arrival there will be a snack offered by the town hall.
Take a tour of the Fair.
From 13:30 h there will be tributes and product raffles among the participants.

Accompany with your machines, go up to the Castle with any type of bicycle (highway, mountain bike, walk …) between all of us we will make a great tribute party.