Guests 2021

The invited cyclists in the 2021 edition will be:

Ángel Arroyo, Julio Jiménez , Marco Serpellini. 

Ángel Arroyo

• 2nd in the Tour de France of 83

• Two stages in the Tour of Spain and two stages in the Tour de France among many more victories.

He will participate in the talk about classic cycling on Saturday and in La Marxa on Sunday.

After the withdrawal of José Manuel Fuente and Luis Ocaña, Spanish cycling began what was called the desert crossing. No one stood out or put emotion on the road, besides going unnoticed in the great international rounds. With the arrival of Ángel Arroyo to professionalism back in 1979, the fans woke up from his lethargy and began to see in him the idol that was needed in Spanish cycling. Alberto Fernández, Marino Lejarreta, Julián Gorospe and Perico Delgado appeared next to Arroyo.

As head of the Reynolds team he participated in the 1983 Tour. It was the team’s debut and also his and Perico Delgado’s. The team paid the innocent because Angel was able to win the French round. The winner was another debutante, a Fignon that year was beatable. The fact is that Arroyo in the chrono of Puy de Dome surpassed him in almost three minutes and the Frenchman in the last time trial stage only surpassed him in thirty seconds. In the end Ángel Arroyo climbed to the Paris podium as second place.

Julio Jimenez

• Julio Jiménez Muñoz (Ávila, October 28, 1934), nicknamed El Relojero de Ávila, was a professional Spanish cyclist between 1959 and 1969, during which he achieved 29 victories, including 5 stage victories in the Tour de France, 4 victories stage in the Giro d’Italia and 3 stage victories in the Tour of Spain. Being a great climber, he won the Mountain Grand Prix 3 times in the Vuelta and in the Tour.

He will participate in the classic cycling talk on Saturday and in the Marxa by car on Sunday.

Marco Serpellini

• Marco Serpellini was crowned junior world champion in 1990 at Utsunomiya. He turned professional in 1994 with the Italian team Lampre. Two years later, he went from Lampre to Panaria, with which he won his first victory in Belgium, the G.P. Pine Cerami.

He will participate in the classic cycling talk on Saturday and in the Marxa on Sunday.