la pedals de clip Penedès


Classic cycling through the Penedès, Barcelona-Tarragona



Cycle route for classic road bikes in the Comarca del Gran Penedès between Barcelona and Tarragona

What is Clip Pedals?

It is a March or exclusive cycle route for classic road bikes. (Regulation)
Bicycles previous to the year 1987, with Clip Pedals (rastrales), brake wiring above the handlebars and shifters in the frame.

You can also use bicycles with frames of new construction but always with retro style and equipped with original components of the time (change, handlebars, pedals, etc …)

The March will have two routes, the long one of about 73 km and the short one of about 45 km, through the region of Penedès in Catalonia, between the provinces of Barcelona and Tarragona, land of wines and cavas. For narrow roads, asphalted rural tracks with little traffic and some short stretches of easy dirt tracks between vineyards, farmhouses and warehouses (it is recommended to take the tires in good condition and swollen).

This type of classic cycle touring has been going on for many years in other European countries, especially in Italy and France, which have been organizing marches of this type for many years and bringing together many cyclists.

It is not a competition, on the contrary, it is an encounter-concentration to enjoy the bicycle, the landscape and make friends.

In this cycling race it is recommended to wear clothes, footwear and helmet of the time, all to give a more classic look and return to the past.

We will have the classic vehicle company of the Moto clàssics del Penedès.


The objective of the Pedals de Clip is the promotion and use of the classic bicycle. To be able to honor ex-cyclists who made us vibrate so much, sharing with them the route and emotions.

La Clàssica del Foix

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